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What We Do at Desphilosophy

At Desphilisophy, we review a wide variety of products that are relevant to our core values of simplicity and efficiency. We do the work of weeding out the duds to bring you only the best products out there, guaranteed. Every product we recommend has been thoroughly researched and compared with similar products on the market – if it doesn’t pass our smell test, you wouldn’t see it!

We hope that this site will speed up your shopping process by presenting you with the best products and information you need to make a quick decision and encourage you to start shopping and thinking like Desphilosophy.

Why Should I Trust Your Product Reviews?

You can trust us, to be honest in our product reviews because we genuinely care about what we do. We’ve seen what living a minimalist lifestyle can do, and want to help people achieve the same benefits of a decluttered life more than anything, plain and simple.

Even though we are an affiliate site (got to keep the lights on somehow!) all of our reviews are written objectively and without bias. We choose the products that we actually want to review, so we have absolutely nothing to gain by choosing something subpar. Running an ethical site is extremely important to us – we’d never lie or intentionally hype up a bad product. That being said, we’re only human and may make mistakes or simply have different tastes, and so we gladly welcome and value any feedback or criticisms you may have.

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