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Best Smartphone Stabilizers 2017 – Ultimate Buyer Guide & In-depth Reviews

The smartphone stabilizer has changed a lot in the world today. Anciently, you had no option but to spend a lot of money on purchasing expensive equipment in order to obtain cinema-quality video but not anymore. In these modern days, with the invention of smartphones and accessories like the smartphone stabilizers you have the ability to record in 4k resolution immediately from the box. The processors of these devices are lightning- fast and the lenses are crystal clear. The megapixel sensors, on the other hand, are huge and this results to a damn near impeccable smartphone video.

However, this is the point: just because your smartphone can shoot high-quality video, it doesn’t translate to the fact that the videos will be watchable. The videos will only be high definition. This is because the sole factor that differentiates amateurs who capture videos on smartphone and experts who shoot videos using a smartphone, is stabilization.

One of the main things that distract your viewers is a shaky smartphone video. It is true that a smartphone video stabilization program can be of great help. However, when it is all about professional looking smartphone video, prevention is better than correction at any particular time. A monopod, or the popularly known as selfie – stick, can be of assistance, but it cannot do much. If you are shooting while standing still, it is okay. However, if any movement is involved, you start shooting shaky videos. The sole and perfect solution to this is the smartphone stabilizer. The truth is that it is no longer about your camera. It is about you, your environment, the camera operator and your equipment. Namely the smartphone stabilizer type you select.

What is a smartphone stabilizer?

A smartphone stabilizer is also known as a smartphone gimbal. It is designed with the sole intention of helping you to create smartphone videos that are more fluid, professional as well as smooth by getting rid of shaky camera movement. The stabilizer is the ideal companion for all types of action shots, including and not with limitation to; running, motorcycling, skiing and biking among others.

How does it achieve this?

Smartphone stabilizers use 3-axis sophisticated software and brushless motors to counterbalance movement. This results to videos appearances that are clean flying or floating against the shaky and bouncy footage you always shoot. Numerous smartphone stabilizers on the market today are highly ergonomic with no learning curve involved. All you need to do is fit your smartphone into your camera phone stabilizer and you are good to go. From there, you should turn on your smartphone stabilizer and the motors will perform the remaining task. That is how simple a smartphone stabilizer is.

Why Do You Need SmartPhone Stabilizer?

It is advisable that you familiarize yourself with the benefits and importance of a product before buying it. This is why after informing you on what a smartphone stabilizer is, the next step is to inform you about the benefits of smartphone stabilizers. Shooting videos using a smartphone has been mainstreamed. The highest number of people use smartphone cameras to shoot videos and take photos rather than DSLR cameras or digital cameras. However, the only challenge is that quality is not satisfied adequately. There are times when shots are shaky, bumpy, or blurred because the hand is unsteady. This is the main reason why smartphone stabilizers are critical accessories for anyone who owns a smartphone in order to eliminate such challenges. This chapter addresses the benefits or the reasons why you should consider having smartphone stabilizers. By the time you are done with this chapter, be sure to never look at those selfie – sticks you have been using before. There are a million and one reasons on why you need a smartphone stabilizer below are some of them.


With the smartphone stabilizers, you are sure that your phone is safe. They securely hold your smartphone in place such that there are zero chances of your smartphone smashing into pieces after a hard fall. This means that, whenever you risk taking photos or videos with your smartphone without a stabilizer, you expose your phone to the danger of falling. You will use a significant amount of money to repair the smashed gadget, which you could actually save and buy the best smartphone stabilizer.


Almost all smartphone stabilizers are lightweight. This enhances transportation from one place to another. There are even stabilizers that can fit in your pocket. Others are foldable and so it is not hard to move with them from one location to another to shoot amazing and most stable videos.

Ease of use

Smartphone stabilizers are also easy to use. They do not require special skills to operate them. There are those that come with slightly advanced calibrations and with such, there is a manual instructing you on how to use them. They are easy to set up and this can be done by one individual.


Smartphone stabilizers feature various types from 3-axis gimbals to simple regular stabilizers. You can actually get wearable gimbals which give you the flexibility you require whenever you are capturing a video or a photograph. This is the flexibility that can never be offered by the popular selfie-sticks.

Stabilizing quality

The vibrations and shakes that are involved when shooting a high motion video destroy your content. This is the reason why you need to invest in a smartphone stabilizer in order to complete your task in the smoothest way possible.

The 3-axis system

Smartphone gimbals feature the 3 – axis stabilization system namely, roll, pan, and tilt. This is what sustains your smartphone in the highest stable position, hence getting stable videos and images. With this amazing feature, all you get is an amazingly silky smooth footage.


Smartphone stabilizers range from cheap to high-end options. You can, therefore, buy one on a budget and get a stable video. Even if you should avoid very cheap smartphone stabilizers, it does not mean that all the cheap gimbals are not high quality. There are cheap options that work as good as the high-end products. Therefore price should be an excuse for not buying a smartphone stabilizer.

Which Smartphone Stabilizer to Buy?

When selecting the smartphone stabilizer to buy, it is critical to consider the various smartphone stabilizer types available on the market today. In this chapter, we will look at the difference between non-motorized and motorized models. Both of these models have their own merits. We will focus on advantages and disadvantages of each model in order for you to decide which one is the best option for you.

Advantages of a motorized stabilizer

The chief benefit of the motorized gimbal is that is easy to pick and use immediately from the box. When using a motorized smartphone stabilizer, you just need to balance the system. This is one the basis of the smartphone and the counterweight you are using. After you have attained the right balance, you are good to go.

There are those motorized gimbals that give you the chance to program the camera tilt if you prefer a high or low angle shot.

The motorized models do not need you to hold them. They also feature some auto-correcting abilities. You can, therefore, fix them to a dolly and replace shots that may have needed rails before. The last important thing about the motorized smartphone stabilizers is their weight. If you spend a whole day shooting with these gadgets, you will surely be tired because they are heavier.

Advantages of non-motorized stabilizers

The chief benefit of these systems is that you get almost entire control, over your shots. If you need to have the control ability of your camera in a dynamic manner while still keeping the stability, this is the gadget you need. However, the learning curve involved for this type of stabilizers is steeper as compared to motorized gimbals. You will only get the best from the non-motorized stabilizers when you spend the better part of your time using it and learning how to manipulate the system.


When selecting between motorized gimbals and non-motorized smartphone stabilizers, you should be sure what you want to achieve from the devices. With the non-motorized models, you can have more control as well as finesse with practice. There is less weight involved than when using a motorized smartphone stabilizer. With a motorized stabilized, you will have a lot of ease using it right from the box. You just need to balance it and you are good to go. You also have the choice to set up a motorized mode on a cart for shorts and this would need you to have rails. As long as you keep this information in mind, you will manage to select the best smartphone stabilizer that suits your needs.

Table of Content

Comparison table

Smartphone StabilizersIn-depth ReviewGopro CompatibleWeightDimensionsCheck Deal & Discounted Price
DJI Osmo MobileReviewNO1.1 pounds4.9 x 4.3 x 12.2 inches
View price
Zhiyun Smooth-IIReviewYES2 pounds115 x 34.5 x 285 mm
View price
LanParte HHG-01ReviewYES2 pounds5 x 4 x 13 inches
View price
Feiyu GM-G4-PReviewYES1.6 pounds9.8 x 1.5 x 3.6 inches
View price
KumbaCamReviewNO1.9 pounds12.5 x 6 x 2 inches
View price
AIbird Uoplay2SReviewYES2.1 pounds13.6 x 6.4 x 2.6 inches
View price
Ikan FLY-X3-PLUSReviewYES2.5 pounds9.3 x 13 x 3.8 inches
View price
Movo HandheldReviewYES2.8 pounds11.5 x 9.2 x 2.6 inches
View price
EVO SPReviewNO1.3 pounds12 x 5 x 2 inches
View price
Roxant PROReviewYES1.8 pounds13.4 x 2.2 x 8.1 inches
View price
MyCellReviewYES3.5 pounds13.2 x 9.3 x 3.3 inches
View price
RetiCAM HG30ReviewNO5.4 ounces5.5 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches
View price
Sync SY500-001SPReviewNO2.2 pounds11.5 x 8 x 2.5 inches
View price
Steadicam SMOOTHEE-APPLIP5ReviewNO1 pound14 x 10 x 5 inches
View price
Neewer Photography Portable 360°ReviewNO2.5 pounds14 x 12.7 x 3.7 inches
View price
Glide Gear CYL100ReviewNO1 pound10 x 5 x 5 inches
View price
ChargerCityReviewNO3.5 pounds7 x 3.9 x 2.4 inches
View price
Lightwish JJ-1ReviewNO1.9 pounds11.2 x 7.5 x 3.2 inches
View price
GUDSEN MOZA MINI-CReviewNO1.8 pounds14.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches
View price
DAVIKERYReviewNO2.4 pounds1.8 x 4.7 x 1.7 inches
View price
Wewow P3ReviewNO2.1 pounds8.2 x 4.3 x 10 inches
View price
Elecwave´ReviewYES1.7 pounds14.3 x 6.3 x 2.2 inches
View price

DJI Osmo Mobile Review

The Osmo Mobile from DJI is a fantastic smartphone stabilizer that enables you to share the moments of life as well as shoot memories cinematically and easily than you have done before. With this stabilizer, smartphones are turned into smart motion cameras. As a result, every one of your shooting moments becomes ready to share, smooth and professional.

It comes with the DJI GO app which performs the subject tracking task automatically, LiveStreams an event across the world or even captures time-lapses motions that are glorious. This stabilizer supports smartphones that are between the range of 58.6mm – 84.8mm width and one that is up to 8.4 mm thick. With this measurement range, this smartphone stabilizer accommodates the majority of smartphones on the market today. This is from iPhones SE to 6s Plus as well as similar sized gadgets with Android operating system.

It is critical to note that the actual compatibility of your device can be affected by attached accessories. This includes; the side button layout of your phone and other accessories that you should consider. Due to the limitation within iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, this gadget has ActiveTrack which is not compatible with the two devices.

Long exposure photography that is extremely dramatic is an attribute that enables you to capture a- single- second- long exposures for dramatic blurred vehicle and light trails without necessarily using a tripod. This device will steadily hold your phone. Through the tripod, point it up towards the sky to shoot stunning star trails which will be ready to share.

This smartphone gimbal features a customizable joystick The Osmo Mobile joystick is programmable and therefore, it works the way you want it to. You can program it to tilt, invert pan or sensitivity. You can also program it to only go in unique directions. For direction change using your hands, the push mode is the attribute to make this happen.

The ergonomic premium design is one attribute that defines the Osmo Mobile smartphone gimbal. This gimbal comes in advanced technologies and high-quality materials than most stabilizers on the market today. It’s compatible with a wide range of smartphones from 2.3 inches to 3.3 inches.


  • It has high capacity batteries
  • You get full camera control
  • It is great for live streaming
  • High-quality hardware
  • The package only comes with high-quality accessories
  • Setup is effortless
  • It is easy to use


  • Most professional feature in this stabilizer cannot be fully exploited by Android devices
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Zhiyun Smooth-II Review

Have you been looking for a smartphone stabilizer that has a super noise cancellation property? If that is the case, this is the ideal gadget for that. It generates pure videos and comes with multiple accessories for photography. It gives you the ability to shoot as per your will with the 360-degree rotation on pan axis. There are no dead angles with this smartphone stabilizer making it one of the best on the market today.

It has a strapless operation joystick. This enables stable and smooth rotation during motion. It has the ¼ inch screw thread which goes with the photography accessories it comes with. It can accommodate smartphones within the range of 55 mm to 81.5 mm. It has the 3 axis movement with the details as follows; roll 90 tilt 270 pans 360. One great thing about working with this stabilizer is that you can work for 5 hours continuously without the need to recharge it.

If you have never used a gimbal before, you do not have to worry about how to use this one. This is because it comes with one user manual to guide you on everything that you need to know. The package also comes with a single balanced weight, rubber ring and charging cable. You can control this device through Bluetooth as it supports wireless control. This is through the Zhiyun app on Android or Apple smartphones.

It is an amazing gimbal that supports Zhiyun remote for remote tilt and pan functionality. In case the motors are over-strained, this gimbal cannot malfunction because it has the reverse circuit discharge protection embedded in it. At the bottom of the gimbal, there is a ¼’’-20 mounting thread which is responsible for supporting any ¼’’ threaded accessories such as mounts and extension rods. In order for you to perfectly modify the shooting angle, this smartphone stabilizer has a 5-way joystick.

The best thing about using this gimbal is that you do not have to worry about your phone dying out of charge. This is because you can still charge your phone while on this smartphone stabilizer through the audio jack. However, to some smartphones, the audio jack may not be easily accessible after mounting.


  • It is very effective
  • It is delivered as described
  • The battery is long lasting.
  • You can recharge the battery using a micro-USB
  • This smartphone stabilizer is reliable
  • The gimbal is solidly built
  • It is user-friendly
  • It is lightweight, hence portable


  • There are some smartphones that cannot operate on this gimbal without a counterweight like the iPhone 7
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LanParte HHG-01 Review

This was the first handheld smartphone stabilizer that announced its compatibility with GoPro and iPhone 6S. It is one of the gimbals that are compatible with all smartphones. This is from the size iPhone 4 to iPhone 6S Plus. It can also accommodate Android devices as well. LanParte HHG-01 has a clamp for smartphones with 2.2’’ to 3.0’’ width. There is also a larger clamp for smartphones with 2.5 – 3.6 inches width. This implies that all the popular smartphones can be accommodated by this gimbal. In the kit, a GoPro clamp, compatible with Hero4 and Hero 3 is included.

With this gimbal, you can easily capture stable and smooth video using your GoPro or smartphone by using one hand. Therefore, you can record on the move, whether biking, skateboarding, or walking down the street. This great gimbal is a motorized 3 axis smartphone stabilizer with a six-axis Inertia Measurement Unit (IMU). This IMU is created to free jitters and shakes and maintain the level of your phone. It is a device that follows your wrist movement as you pan and tilt, creating a professional and organic look in your captions.

The handle grip of this gimbal is very comfortable and it is made of silica gel. The lithium ion battery that this smartphone stabilizer uses is removable. A charger is included in the package after purchase. You do not have to worry about how you are going to carry this device because a ballistic nylon case is provided. For heavier phones and lenses, this smartphone stabilizer comes with a pair of counterweights. One of the counterweights is large while the other one is small.

This gimbal has a gesture control system incorporated in it. This system plays the role of allowing the gadget to follow your tilt and pan wrist movements. The LanParte HHG-01 device comes with brushless motors to keep a level horizon. If you are using a light smartphone like the 1st Gen iPod Touch, the video will be of amazing quality. However, when using a larger smartphone like the Sony Xperia Z1, this smartphone stabilizer seems to work harder. In such a case it seems to get jumpy but then recovers the balance.


  • Great customer service
  • Great for the price
  • High functionality
  • Solidly built


  • The gimbal cannot film upside down and this limits low-level captions that are close to the ground.
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Feiyu GM-G4-P Review

Feiyu GM-G4-P is a smartphone stabilizer that features no wires and no screws. It quickly clamps and unclamps implying that you can add LCD BackPack to GoPro cameras among other action cameras. It is a handheld 3-axis gimbal which helps you to shoot stabilized videos using your GoPro Hero3, 4 and 3+. Smartphones and action cameras of similar sizes can be accommodated between 1.3 and 1.8 inches tall. This device needs you to operate it with just a single hand as it comes with only 1 button.

You can either lock the smartphone in place along the 3 axis or you can lock by clicking the single button in order to pick modes where the smartphone or camera will smoothly follow as you tilt and pan the handle. This stabilizer has 5 operating modes namely, tilt & pan following, manual lock, standby, inversion, and pan following.

The bottom part of this gimbal is threaded in order to quickly connect to Feiyu extension bar. It is a user-friendly gadget that has the following rotations; 320-degree tilt, 100-degree roll, and 320-degree pan. About the batteries, they are rechargeable and the package comes with 4 of them. However, you will only use two of them at a time. This implies that you will always have an extra charged pair to carry with you to a shoot. Therefore, there will be no power inconveniences until you are done with your task.

The best thing is that your smartphone cannot run out of charge when shooting. This is because you can simply use a USB wire to connect your smartphone to the gimbal so that your phone can charge as it shoots. This way, your phone will get an extra life until you get to the end of your shooting session.

In the package, there is the USB remote control. This wired remote is very useful when it comes to controlling your gimbals roll, tilt and pan while up the extension bars. Your assistant can regulate the gimbal using the remote while you are in charge of the shooting.


  • The battery is long lasting and there is an extra pair of batteries that comes with the package
  • The follow mode is amazing and with a hand that is steady, this smartphone stabilizer can replace a tripod
  • It is highly affordable and great for the price
  • The setup process takes seconds to be complete
  • You can attach the gimbal to a pole in order to achieve a drone like perspective


  • You might need to use a different device to record the audio if you will use this gimbal with a GoPro camera. This is because the camera is probably going to pick up some of the gimbal motors mechanical whirring
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KumbaCam Review

Smartphones are amazing for shooting video, however, the result can be awkward and shaky. This is the smartphone stabilizer that completely eliminates the camera shake. The result is a flowing and smooth video even when movement is involved. This smartphone gimbal accommodates smartphones that are up to 7 inches on diagonal.

A counterweight is included in the package in order to balance heavier phones. There is a USB cable that is attached to the handle and you can use it to recharge the battery of this device. You can enjoy great flexibility from the KumbaCam smartphone stabilizer by the use of an extension pole or a tripod directly attached to the base of the gadget handle.

Due to the variance of filming situations, this smartphone stabilizer features 3 operating modes. These modes comprise of the pan/tilt follow mode, lock mode and pan follow mode.

There is also a joystick that comes with this gimbal. It allows you to film a 360-degree rotation in lock mode or tilt (up/down) in pan follow mode. You can as well shoot a portrait shoot as it has the vertical capability. The new joystick that comes with this stabilizer offers enhanced single hand mode changes control as well as manual tilt and pan.

For great functionality, this gimbal comes with the Bluetooth connectivity in order for you to link it with the optional camera app. You have the full control of the photo/video, front/back camera as well as zoom without really touching your smartphone. Through the Face Tracking feature, there is an automatic movement of the stabilizer following the subject.

This is a 3rd generation gimbal which comes with advanced technology. Therefore, there are digital controllers with encoders and brushless motors in this smartphone stabilizer. This implies that this is a gadget that is highly responsive as well as silent when translating your movements. The video quality generated by this gimbal belongs to the next generation.


  • It performs as per the description
  • The resultant videos are extremely smooth
  • The gimbal is solidly built
  • It provides extra strong jaw like clamp grip
  • It is perfect for its price


  • There are slight challenges when balancing, but you should get rid of your phone cover in order for your smartphone and your counterweight to be at balance.
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AIbird Uoplay2S Review

Are you looking for a smartphone gimbal that can work for 10 hours continuously without the need to recharge the battery? This is the exact smartphone stabilizer you have been looking for. It features high energy efficiency and it comes with a pair of high capacity 2600mAh 18650 batteries. There is a phone charging port featured on this gimbal and therefore, with the use of a USB cable, you can charge your phone as you shoot your video.

It has been designed using the alloy aeronautical aluminum. This implies that it is lightweight and hence portability will not be an issue. It also implies that it is of high quality and the durability of this gadget is not compromised. You can, therefore, rest assured that it will serve you for a prolonged period of time, before you go back to the market for replacement or repair.

The movement of the subject should also no longer be a bother to you regardless of the angle they take. This gimbal can rotate in 360 degrees following the movement of the subject as it features the smart tracking feature.

It is a device that has compatibility with smartphones of up to 6 inches. This includes and not with limitation to iPhone 7, HTC, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung S5, S6 S7. It can also be able to accommodate GoPro Hero 3 / 3+ / 4 / 5, Yi 4K as well as other sports action cameras which are of similar size as the GoPro Hero.

With the mute 3-axis brushless motors, Alblird Uoplay25 gimbal has the following rotations, Yaw 360 degrees, Pitch 310 degrees and Roll 310 degrees. This comes with gyroscope technology and programming capability. These amazing features convert your smartphone into a smart motion camera. This gives every footage you capture to a professional, smooth and stable appearance.

The silent joystick of this device features 4 directional keys. This assists in adjusting the smartphone stabilizer angles all by yourself.

At the bottom of this gimbal, there is a ¼ screw threaded interface. It plays the key role of providing an attachment to a tripod or any standard extension rod among other accessories.


  • It has a breakthrough ergonomic design
  • The battery is long lasting
  • It is lightweight hence portable
  • It is highly durable
  • You can use the remote from a distance of 5 meters with no inconveniences
  • A carrying case is included in the package


  • More expensive compared to other brands
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Ikan FLY-X3-PLUS Review

This is a new and advanced gimbal that has been released on the market from Ikan. It is a device that turns your GoPro camera or your smartphone into a powerful and solid tool. You will definitely get fluid, professional and smooth video with the help of this amazing gimbal. It completely gets rid of shaky camera movement even in a high motion shoot. This is why this smartphone stabilizer should be your preferred companion for action shots like running, skiing and biking.

This gimbal has special 3-axis brushless motor gyro technology which utilizes a smart software to stabilize your GoPro or smartphone. This makes your camera fly just like it was a drone. You do not require special knowledge and skill to deal with this product. This is because you will surely set it up in seconds and you will easily operate it without any instructions.

All you need to do to get this device up and running is to simply fit your GoPro or smartphone in the cradle, then level the FLY-X3-PLUS and finally turn the gimbal on. In the package, there is a GoPro mount that is included and the mount has simple access to the entire buttons on the gimbal. You can also easily get quick flip access to the GoPro camera battery.

There is an inbuilt Inertial Measurement Unit or the IMU in this gimbal. This IMU has 6-axis and contains electronic gadgets which utilize inertial sensors for the sake of gesture recognition. These sensors anticipate and level the intended movement of the operator while still maintaining everything smooth and level. The 6 sensors IMU has the combination of 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer packaged in a single chip.

There is a counterweight that is included in the package. The counterweight is very important when you are shooting a video using a heavier smartphone. With the counterweight, a state of balance is achieved and a level and smooth video come as a result, regardless of the smartphone’s weight.


  • 2 Cradles for your GoPro and smartphone mounting and are included
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to set up
  • Generates jitter-free videos
  • The gimbal is lightweight hence portable
  • Features instantaneous phone syncing
  • Its counterweights are perfect


  • The customer service is poor when you have a problem
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Movo Handheld Review

Movo Handheld is the gimbal that features the ability to help you record shake free video that is handheld. This happens with a lot of ease than you can possibly imagine and with minimal effort. You will barely get tired while recording your video. Isn’t this what you are looking for in a smartphone stabilizer?

The amazing thing about this gadget is that it will support devices up to 3 pounds with amazing functionality. This implies that if you use the smallest smartphones available to shoot your video or the large DSLR camera, you do not have to worry about the perfect size because the range can be accommodated comfortably by this gimbal. Is not this just an amazing and one of a kind smartphone stabilizer?

It is also fully adjustable and in shooting video. A gimbal’s flexibility in the field is a critical factor. Hence, the Movo Handheld smartphone stabilizer is fully adjustable in order to optimize results for various equipment.

The setup process of this smartphone gimbal should not take you long. All you need to do is mount and you are ready to commence the shooting in a couple of minutes. It is also easy to operate this smartphone gimbal because it is highly ergonomic. All its features are user-friendly and therefore, no necessarily skills or knowledge is needed to operate the gimbal.

Aluminum is the material that has been used to design this product. This means that this smartphone stabilizer cannot be a subject to rust. Therefore, if it is rust-free, it is durable. The other important thing that is facilitated by the aluminum material used to create this gimbal is that it is light enough to carry around. This is because aluminum is lightweight making it highly portable. This implies that you can carry it around your shooting spot without actually noticing it is there.

In the package, this Movo Handheld smartphone gimbal is delivered together with 3 more camera mounts which include the following, ¼ inch standard camera tripod, smartphone tripod and a GoPro mount. This shows you that you will not have to buy the mounts in order to shoot with different equipment. What a great way to save you money?


  • The package includes all the important mounting hardware
  • Its features are advanced
  • The handle of this gimbal is foam padded and so it will nothing but comfort all through the shooting time
  • Highly affordable
  • Great for beginners
  • This is a solid equipment piece for the price
  • The material is quality
  • It is a well-made piece of equipment


  • The customer support is not very active
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EVO SP Review

Evo SP is a new evolution smartphone gimbal on the market today. It has great and beneficial features. If you have been looking for a device that can help you to acquire amazingly smooth footage from your windows, Android and iPhone smartphone, then search no more. Evo SP is an ultimate solution to shaky and bouncy videos. It will give you stabilized and super smooth videos and photos.

Drop your mostly used selfie-stick for this gadget and you will never regret it. Take your shots to the next level at a pocket-friendly price. Your family videos should not be poor quality and hard to follow. You should add a cinematic quality to them and the Evo SP smartphone stabilizer is the device to help you achieve that.

With the modern day smartphones coming with advanced video quality, adding EVO SP is the ideal companion to shoot an amazing footage. This smartphone gimbal does not require any software after purchase. This is because EVO SP is already pre-configured as well as ready to use by the time you purchase it, hence no complex setup is involved.

It features 3-axis precision and this is the main feature that gets rid of the shaky video. This feature also allows you to simply shoot pro-quality and cinematic footage. This is by the use of your Galaxy s5/s6 and iPhone 4/5/6.

At the bottom part of this gimbal, there is a ¼ – 20 inches thread end cap for the sake of tripod mounting. EVO SP has high torque, high power motors offering you unparalleled stabilization level performance. This is why this gadget stands out on the market today, from similar devices.

The great thing about this gimbal is that it operates with numerous smartphones including iPhone 4/5/6s as well as iPhone 6s plus (limited tilt range). You can also use Galaxy s5/6 as well as the note. These are just but a few smartphones that can be supported by the fantastic EVO SP gimbal.

In the package, this gimbal is delivered with complete charger, a pair of 18350 lithium ion batteries and a USB charging cable. It is a high-quality gadget that features a 1-year warranty that is backed by the 1 year USA labor and parts warranty. You are, therefore, assured that no financial losses will be suffered within the first 1 year of purchase.


  • It is simple and impressive to use
  • The battery is long lasting
  • It will still operate with the case on your phone as long as the case is lightweight
  • Cinematic shots are generated
  • It is solidly built


  • Not so great in strong winds
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Roxant PRO Review

Do you want to shoot smooth and professional looking scenes when driving, running, skating or walking? Roxant Pro smartphone stabilizer is the perfect gimbal for that task. It delivers a balanced no shake captions that appear like the films. It is a system that offers a great stability with zero shakes and motion. As a result, this gimbal is one of the best handheld smartphone stabilizers available on the market today. If you are an indie filmmaker who is seeking to promote his work to the next level, look for this device and order it today.

It is amazing how you can use this gimbal in sharp angles, tight spots, through crowds, on boats, in cars and up and down stairs. Therefore this outstanding smartphone gimbal is not intimidated by scenarios and tight spots. It will still give you professional looking footage that you will forget you have ever used selfie stick to capture video.

This gimbal works great with various cameras namely, canon, Nikon, Pentax, Lumix, and GoPro among other camcorders, SLR or DSLR up to 2.1lbs. The gimbal comes with a unique design that significantly minimizes fatigue giving you a chance to shoot for a longer period Save of time and more elegant shots. The lower arm features a unique nonslip grip, therefore, your smartphone gimbal cannot be exposed to the risk of falling and smashing your phone during the action.

Roxant PRO smartphone gimbal features a solid superior construction and design. When you make up your mind to buy this product, you receive free video training tutorials and lifetime support. You can never go wrong with the idea of purchasing this high-quality smartphone stabilizer.

There are 3 separate counterweights that come with the package. Therefore, with these counterweights, you should be sure that you will get precise balance adjustments while in the field. To ensure that you do not suffer from fatigue, this gimbal comes with a comfortable grip handle.

Due to its high quality and massive sales that this product makes, you should be keen not to buy a fake product. Product duplication is real and this why your Roxant PRO gimbal should have the label “SOLD BY ROXANT” before you pay for it.


  • You get free training tutorials and lifetime support
  • It is solidly built
  • It is highly effective
  • It is compact
  • It is highly affordable
  • It is lightweight


  • The rotational inertia is low
  • The friction is high but this can be solved by lubrication
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MyCell Review

This is a 3-axis Gimbal which turns your Samsung Galaxy, GoPro camera, smartphone or Apple iPhone into a cinematic powerhouse. It gets rid of unwanted camera movements like footsteps, vibrations and shaky hands among others. Therefore, if you would like to see the shooting potential of your smartphone or GoPro camera, this is the right companion to bring that out. You will get a professional and smooth video without moves and shakes.

The force behind these great videos and photos is the unique 3-axis motor gyro system. The system stabilizes your GoPro camera or your smartphone making tilts, walking shots or even pans appear fluid. The setup process is not cumbersome and this is one of the great things about the gimbal.

When you are ready to shoot, you just need to perfectly place your smartphone or camera in the cradle. The lens of the smartphone or camera should be on the left-hand side. After that, level your devices and turn on the gimbal. Give the motors some seconds in order to level and you are ready to go.

You do not have any bolts or nuts to adjust with this gimbal. You will also have zero complicated instructions to follow. You do not need to be a professional photographer or videographer in order to use this device. Therefore, do not go to the extent of hiring pros when you are leaving the field. You can handle it yourself.

The hand grip of this smartphone gimbal is very comfortable. This implies that you can spend hours on end in the field recording a video without experiencing any discomfort. Your wrists and hands will not be strained at all. The handle grip is also non-slip, implying that you will not accidentally drop your smartphone while recording.

MyCell smartphone stabilizer is motorized and so you will get a footage where all the shakes and moves are eliminated. This will give you a professional and smooth handheld video. This makes this tool ideal for use when traveling and when capturing event videos handheld. If you are going to shoot a video with fast pace action involvement like running, skiing and biking, carry this gimbal with you. You will be grateful that you did. You will get steady and smooth videos regardless of whether you were shooting from the ground or above your head.


  • No jitters and shakes
  • It is highly ergonomic
  • It is easy to use
  • It is simple to set it up
  • High-quality construction
  • Great design
  • Fantastic package


  • iPhone 7 cannot accommodate a mic while o the mount due to the reconstruction by Apple
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RetiCam HG30 Review

RetiCam HG30 comes with the company’s smartphone mount and aluminum handgrip. These accessories are Amazon’s number one. Therefore, you are sure that the accessories will serve you for a prolonged period of time. The quality of these accessories is inarguable.

RetiCAM smartphone tripod mounts are precision CNC designed from solid aluminum material and finished with hard anodizing for rust/scratch resistance and exceptional strength. The mount that comes with the HG30 smartphone stabilizer is amazing as it is the XL mount. There is also a conversion kit featured in the package. This kit is responsible for easily adjusting the mount from the XL size to the standard size and vice versa.

This gimbal will support almost all smartphones on the market today which are 2.1 inches to 3.6 inches wide. This is regardless of whether there is or there is no case. Additionally, to the handgrip, the cell holder of this gimbal can be attached to standard tripods between ¼ and 20 inches. It can secure your smartphone for videos and photos during the shooting.

The holder can also be used for webcam or car GPS. The cell phone holder has 3M-backed rubber pads meant to keep your phone edges without scratches. This way, your smartphone screen also remains safe when nothing can touch it. There are also unique V-shaped grooves which accommodate the edge buttons.

This smartphone stabilizer supports the following Apple iPhones 3/4/4s/5/5c/5s/6/6plus/7/7 plus, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, Nokia Lumia, LG, Motorola, Google Nexus 4/5/6, HTC. These are just some of the smartphones that this smartphone stabilizer supports.

The RetiCAM hand grip is designed using aluminum entirely. This implies that it can stabilize your compact camcorder or camera. The grip can also enhance your ability to shoot from sharp and challenging angles. It is ideal for handheld video recording devices and small point-and-shoot cameras among other accessories like LED video lights and external flash.

It is very easy to hold your smartphone or camera more securely with this grip as compared to a handheld. This is especially if you were on the move. A standard ¼-20 male tripod screw is found at the top while another ¼-20 second is found on the other end. Recently the thumb screw has been upgraded from carbon steel to stainless steel. The thumb knob is now advanced as well making it stronger and bigger.


  • Premium cost but the purchase is worth it
  • The hand grip is extremely comfortable
  • The smartphone mount is sturdy
  • Comes with a wrist wrap
  • Great design
  • Highly affordable
  • Highly durable
  • It is easy to use and setup


  • No Gimbal Engine
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Sync SY500-001SP Review

Most of the smartphone gimbals that you find on the market today are not compatible with a wide of smartphones. This is the reason why when you find one that is, you stick to it. Sync SY500-001SP is one of the few fantastic smartphone stabilizers that are compatible with almost all smartphones available. This is why it is one of the best that you can find today. With the fantastic features that it comes with, it is a must-have for photography and videography amateurs.

However, even if you are an amateur, you should mind about the quality of your videos and photographs that you produce. Upgrade your shots and caption to cinematic quality with the help of this top performing gimbal. It will help you a great deal on generating flawless, fluid and professional videos.

It is compatible with smartphones that have smaller screens below 5.5 inches. This includes iPhone 4, 5, and 6. However, the downside is that iPhone 6 is not compatible with this gracious video stabilizer. The tilt of this device is controllable with a 90 range. This means that you can capture videos at sharp angles and still get a great footage.

The amazing thing about this smartphone stabilizer is that there no calibrations required. Therefore, if were used to taking a lot of time making the right calibrations, this is the gimbal that relieves you all the burden to do so. It features instant start up and this saves you a lot of time. This is one of the things that make this video stabilizer exceptional and convenient because you do not require any skills to operate it. It is also very easy to set it up for action making it one of the best stabilizers available today.

Its compact and light design weighs just 13oz. This is amazing as it enhances portability. Its compact design makes the gimbal convenient as it can fully operate in limited spaces. The storage space will also not take much. You can easily move around with this gimbal without experiencing fatigue and even better, without you noticing that you are carrying it.

It has the gyroscope technology that helps the device predict movement. This implies that there is no way that this smartphone stabilizer can miss the subject. It is user-friendly and it comes with ergonomic features.


  • It is perfect for amateurs
  • The setup process is complete within seconds
  • There are no firmware updates
  • The video is smooth and professional
  • It is perfect for the price


  • Can’t pan as much as other stabilizers
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Steadicam SMOOTHEE-APPLIP5 Review

Do you own iPhone 5 and are searching for the best smartphone stabilizer that can work with it? Search no more as Steadicam SMOOTHEE-APPLIPS is a gimbal that has been specifically engineered and designed to operate with your iPhone 5. It has been designed with a similar technology as that of big Hollywood rigs. This implies that it enables iPhone 5 users to shoot incredible video eliminating the shakes usually associated with the handheld recording. It is an agile and small product that you can carry with you when leaving for a vacation. It is perfect for use when recording sporting events action.

With ease, precision and elegant control, Smoothee enable you to capture scenes wherever they take you. When the scenes go outdoors, indoors, through crowds, up and down, you will be able to capture all of them without missing any of them and still get a fluid and smooth footage.

It comes with a quick release mount which allows you to instantly swap connections between any tripod and your Smoothee. This quick release mount removal is patented for the iPhone 5. However, it can also be used as a tabletop stand. This gimbal can be mounted on any tripod with a standard camera mount of ¼ x 20 inches.

It comes with an incredible hand grip that is ergonomic and comfortable. This hand grip is amazing as it folds in a secure manner when it is not in use. When using this hand grip, you should be sure that you will not suffer from fatigue or discomfort.

Another great thing about this gimbal is that it is long lasting because it has been solidly built. The construction is durable and thus implies that this gadget is going to serve you for a prolonged period of time.

A carrying case is included in the package and this enhances portability. Steadicam Smoothee is also lightweight. This means that you can carry it with you, and not notice its presence because it does not take much of your effort. The gimbal is compact and this design ensures that you can carry the gadget with you anywhere you go. It can fit in limited spaces for storage and operation as well.


  • The package comes with a quick guide DVD that demonstrates how you should shoot videos professionally
  • The gimbal is easy to setup
  • It features a patented design
  • It is lightweight and compact
  • It is agile


  • A learning curve is involved in order to use this gimbal
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Neewer Photography Portable 360° Review

This is a smartphone stabilizer that was introduced in the market by the famous Neewer Company. From such a brand, it must be one of the few best choices for your smartphone. It not only supports Android devices but also iOS as well. The exterior design of this gimbal expresses quality. It has an innovative idea for the construction design. It has been solidly built to withstand strong winds during the shooting session.

It has also been designed in such a way that it tightly holds your phone when in the field. Therefore, there are not even the slightest of chances that your smartphone can crush into pieces. The solid construction of this smartphone stabilizer enhances its durability. This means that you do not have to worry about replacing or repairing the gadget so soon after purchase. This is because it will serve you for a prolonged period of time before requiring a repair or a replacement.

There are great convenience and comfort offered by this smartphone gimbal. Comfort starts right from the handgrip of this gadget. The handgrip absorbs shock and movement in order to give you a smooth video. The handgrip is also very comfortable when holding it. You can shoot your footage for a long time without experiencing discomfort and fatigue. The Neewer gimbal also has great convenience when it comes to storage and portability.

It features a compact design that makes it fit even in limited spaces. It also does not occupy much space when being carried or during storage. It is lightweight and this facilitates its portability. You can, therefore, carry this gimbal with you and not notice its presence. With its lightweight and compactness, Neewer gimbal provides the maximum performance standard.

Neewer smartphone gimbal is battery powered. The batteries are rechargeable and they charge really fast as compared to other batteries. However, the fact that the batteries charge fast does not mean that it drains the batteries at the same rate. This gimbal is energy efficient and the batteries are long lasting. Hence, you can film for as long as you need to with just a single charge.

It features a 360 degrees rotation. Hence, regardless of the movement of the subject, this device will be able to capture the action. This smartphone gimbal has a tracking technology that makes it follow the subject movement during the shooting. It also features 2 axis – active stabilization. This implies that you will get a sturdy and the best footage you have ever shot. It is a gimbal that is not only compatible with smartphones but also with some digital cameras as well.


  • It has a compact design
  • It is lightweight hence compatible
  • It has a comfortable handgrip
  • It is affordable


  • It does not come with a carrying case
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Glide Gear CYL100 Review

The Glide Gear CYL100 is the newest innovation in camera stabilizer equipment on the market today. It helps you to record professionally smooth videos at a reasonable price. It brings a fluid motion for your videos in the palm of your hands. This outstanding gimbal operates really well with GoPro and iPhones 6, 5, and 4 among other smartphones available today. iPhones, Samsung S phones, and GoPro predetermined positions include ball head in order to give you fast attachments as well as balance.

The package comes with cell phone adaptors and a carrying bag. The carrying bag helps you to transport this incredible smartphone stabilize from one place to another. It is highly portable because of its light weight. The gimbal is also compact and this means that it does not take much of your space when storing it and when operating with it.

The durability of this product is second to none. It has been solidly built in order to serve you for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, when you buy this product, you will not have to worry about going to back to the market soon after paying for it. It is simply worth every coin you invest in it.

If you want to shoot really cinematic videos, you need to buy a gimbal that has a comfortable hand grip. This is because your hands comfort matter a lot in videography and photography. You will be able to shoot the footage for hours until you are done when your hand is experiencing zero discomforts. Buy this smartphone stabilizer today for its handgrip is like no other.

The innovative design of this smartphone stabilizer has been produced by one of the top stabilizer product companies, CYL. The satisfied quality and standard performance of this new gimbal have been introduced by CYL. If you need an amazingly smooth and flawless video, grab this new smartphone gimbal today and it will never disappoint you.


  • It has an innovative design
  • It is durable
  • It is compact
  • It is lightweight
  • Operates smoothly and wonderfully after it has been calibrated
  • It is an awesome aid for teaching and can it can be used by coaches
  • The hand grip is comfortable and can accommodate both large and small hands without any discomfort
  • It is easy to setup this model as compared to others on the market
  • The smartphone gimbal bearings are quiet and smooth
  • High-quality materials have been used to design this product


  • To get the best results, a learning curve is involved and it consumes the better part of your time, but once you get it right, your video shoot is never the same again
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ChargerCity Review

Chargercity smartphone stabilizer is a universal smartphone grip handle mount holder which is an ideal remedy to film fluid videos. You can also use this gimbal to do a quick selfie alone or as a group. With this smartphone gimbal, you will never look for a selfie stick ever again. It is fantastic and it comes with beneficial and advanced features. With it, it is the end of shaky and bouncy videos.

You can use your iPhone 7, 6s plus, 6, LG, G4, G5, Moto X, and Galaxy S7 Edge among other smartphones to shoot videos with it. You can carry it anywhere you need it like concerts, wedding, meetings, party, choir class and football games among other events. This is enhanced by its portability due to light weight and compactness.

Included in the package is the free ChargerCity Micro SD memory card reader. This package is a new one on the market and you should take advantage of its high functionality. It is a no mess no fuzz package with simple installation. This means that you do not require any special tools to set up this gadget. The joints of this smartphone gimbal are adjustable in such a way that you easily convert it from a handheld pistol grip to a mini tripod. This flexibility cannot be found with any other gimbal apart from this new brand.

The innovative holder that comes with the ChargerCity smartphone gimbal is adjustable as well. This implies that it can be able to support your phone with or without the cover. This is amazing as most of the smartphone stabilizers on the market do not feature this flexibility. This video stabilizer can support phones that are up to 3.25 inches wide.

Apart from the free memory card reader that comes with the package free of charge, the Manufacturer has come up with an amazing deal of direct warranty. This implies that you do not have to deal with a third party about the warranty. You will deal directly with the manufacturer about this. This is why this package is great and it minds the quality of videos that it delivers. You need to have it for professional-like videos and photographs.


  • It comes with high flexibility
  • It comes with a direct warranty fro9m the manufacturer
  • There is a free memory card reader in the package
  • It is durable
  • It is lightweight hence portable
  • Features a great design
  • It is easy to use
  • The price is great


  • It is a little bit flimsy
  • No Gimbal Engine
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Lightwish JJ-1 Review

Are you just beginning videography and you require an easy to operate smartphone gimbal? Search no more as the Lightwish JJ-1 is a smartphone stabilizer that is perfect for beginners. Its features are user-friendly making it highly ergonomic. You will need to adjust it slightly prior to using it in order to achieve the right balance for your phone. It is advisable that you remove your phone’s case when using this gimbal to ensure that it is not heavier than the video stabilizer can handle. The rolling angle goes up to 300 degrees.

It features a pair of modes. The mode 1 heading is supposed to be used when you are capturing moving or dynamic subjects. The second mode is the mode 2 locking. This is the mode that you use when you are capturing static subjects, which are in standby mode. When your gimbal’s battery is over-discharged, you will need to switch it off.

Lightwish JJ-1 is a handheld gimbal that has 2- axis. You can use it with iPhone 5, 6S, 6+, 5S, 5C, 5, 6S+ or with smartphones with similar size that are up to 6.8 inches. It comes with advanced features and thanks to the manufacturer you can control your shooting activity with Bluetooth connection. This includes when you are either recording a video or capturing photos. The 2-axis feature helps you to regulate roll and tile angle.

Included in the package are 3 pieces of 18350 batteries. The charger is also included. This means that for the necessary accessories, you will not have to spend more money to acquire them. This saves you more money. A micro USB cable is also included in the package as well as a user manual. You can use this user manual to get the ideas of how to shoot the best and smooth videos of all time. You do not need any special skills in order to operate this gadget.

It is highly durable and so it will serve for a long time before replacing it. It is also lightweight and compact to enhance storage and portability. You can carry it with you whenever you need to. It is easy to setup and you do not require any special tools to have it up and running. It is one of the best tools that you can acquire for video stabilization.


  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to use
  • It is fit for beginners
  • You can use Bluetooth connectivity to control the shooting


  • It cannot support a smartphone that is heavier than iPhone 6 plus
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Have you been looking for a smartphone stabilizer that can operate for 8 hours without dying off charge? Then the amazing GUDSEN MOZA MINI-C is the perfect gimbal for that. It has really long lasting batteries that can take you through a shooting session for 5-8 hours without demanding a recharge.

It is a smartphone gimbal that you can easily switch from handheld to wearable. It features a tool-free setup as well as disassembly. The handgrip of this system is removable as well as the wearable kit. This gives you the amazing flexibility to switch it from wearable to handheld mode and vice versa.

This gimbal has powerful motors in it and the motors come with embedded encoders. This offers you precision control as well as advanced technology. There is also an inbuilt software which gives you the ability to smartly regulate the camera of your phone as well as the gimbal with the handgrip or the MOZA App.

The MOZA App and software can be downloaded whenever you need to use it. To obtain it, you need to visit the GUDSEN official website then choose purchase program. Click “software&manuals” and you are good to go. At the moment, the MOZA App can only be supported by the IOS system. The ability to be supported by Android is underway.

This great 3-axis gimbal can support all the smartphones that are within 6 inches screen like the iPhone 7 plus, 6s, 7, 6s plus, 5s, Samsung S5, S6, and Note 4 among other smartphones of similar sizes.

The MINI-C smartphone stabilizer is highly portable wearable and handheld. It has the standard ¼ inch tripod mount at the bottom. The best thing about it is that it g9ves you numerous mounting options with all the existing ¼ mounting systems. It is a gimbal that is compatible with a slider, crane, on-vehicle stand and tripod.

It features various operational modes and it is a video stabilizer that is flexible at all angles. It features 3 handheld ways, multiple follow ways and selfie can adapt freely to various camera angles as well as shooting scenes.

The package comes with the gimbal, 1 lithium battery, 1 battery charger, 1 user manual and 1 micro USB cable.


  • Long lasting battery,
  • Compatible with a wide range of smartphones
  • There are various mounting options provided by this gimbal
  • It is well made and professionally designed
  • Great for one hand operation
  • The materials are durable
  • Superb stability


  • It has no carrying case included I the package
  • Full functionality of this gimbal is only available to iPhone users
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DAVIKERY is a smartphone stabilizer that features advanced stabilization and 360-degree limitless pan axis. It has a 360 degrees slip ring brushless motor. This gives you the ability to enjoy a limitless pan view. It also features a 360-degree panorama shooting. S1 by use of a 32-bit controller embedded with a 12-bit encoder. This S1 utilizes an adaptive PID algorithm to generate a reliable and efficient handheld stabilizer.

There is a 4-way joystick and Bluetooth remote control featured by this amazing smartphone gimbal. With the Bluetooth connectivity, you just need to tap once to turn the gimbal on and one hand to operate the shooting. Once you have linked, you can use the shutter button of Bluetooth to regulate your phone’s camera to either shoot videos or take photos. You will do this without coming into contact with your phone. To control the tilt axis rotation as well as the yaw axis smoothly, you will use the 4-way joystick which gives you this amazing functionality. The 4-way joystick makes this gimbal convenient to use with a considerate design.

This smartphone stabilizer is highly portable and easy to use. It features a quick-release newly designed baseplate system. The S1 is simple to balance and operate. The DAVIKERY smartphone gimbal features an incredible foldable design which is also lightweight. This allows you to easy carry it around when not in use. This foldable design also gives the fantastic gimbal great compactness that benefits you when you want to want to store it.

DAVIKERY gimbal features multiple modes. The S1 gives you a choice to make among 3 operational modes. The all – following mode for tilt and pan following, the semi-following mode for pan following, and the all locking mode for roll, tilt and pan following. There are also 5 function modes featured by this product namely, selfie, flashlight, underslung, upright and portrait modes. These modes are important to help you freely interact with the shooting environment. To switch from one mode to another, it happens seamlessly.

The DAVIKERY smartphone stabilizer is almost compatible with all smartphones. There are also multiple mounting options that come with this gimbal. With a ¼ screw at the bottom of the gimbal, it provides high compatibility with standard accessories such as tripods and poles. This gives you the chance to modify the shot distance and angle. It is a gimbal that can support up to 7-inch android and ios smartphones.


  • Compatible with almost every smartphone
  • Provides multiple mounting options
  • Comes with multiple modes
  • It is highly portable
  • It is easy to use
  • Features Bluetooth connectivity
  • Features 360 degrees pan axis


  • Battery Life is not as good as other stabilizers
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Wewow P3 Review

Wewow P3 is a battery powered gimbal with 3-axis motors. It has been specifically designed to stabilize your smartphone when shooting videos and capturing photos. It supports iPhone 4 and above Apple phones and other smartphones of similar sizes. It keeps camera shaking at bay and it assists you to shoot professional-looking video using your smartphone. If your smartphone is within 2.16 – 3.54 inches (55-90mm), then you do not have to worry as this incredible smartphone stabilizer will support it.

It is a handheld 3-axis gimbal stabilizer control with the following motorized control functions. Tilt axis rotation axis control, tilt and pan 2 axis control, roll axis rotation axis control and 90 degrees downwards tilt axis rotation. It can comfortably work within -10 degrees Celcius to 40 degrees Celcius. Therefore, when the temperature is within this range, you can get out there and shoot your videos.

This outstanding gimbal comes with long lasting batteries. The unit itself is also energy efficient and this gives you the advantage of having an uninterrupted 6 hours shooting session in the field. That is right. You can enjoy the services of this smartphone stabilizer for 6 hours continuously without running short of charge. This is why you should consider having this stabilizer for convenience.

Secure and quick –release mounting system is another great attribute of this gimbal. The handgrip is easily detachable and in a secure manner. This ensures that your device is very safe when you are not using it. Apart from convenience in storage, this device tightly holds your smartphone all through the shooting session. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your phone smashing down during the filming session because the device is reliable.

For accurate and smooth movement, this smartphone gimbal features high precision electric motors. This implies that your videos have zero shakes and jitters. Your footage resembles the cinema quality and this is why you should ensure that you have this gimbal with you whenever you need to film any footage.

The gimbal has been solidly built and this enhances its durability. You will get a long term service from this device unlike many short-lived gimbals is available today. It comes at a pocket-friendly price that anyone interested can afford.


  • Supports most of the smartphones
  • Features a secure and quick release mounting system
  • Has a comfortable handgrip
  • Has a long lasting battery
  • Strongly built gimbal


  • Not so good Built Quality
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Elecwave Review

Are you seeking to capture astounding videos and pictures? If yes, Elecwave handheld smartphone stabilizer should be your companion. You can get this gadget at a pocket-friendly price. Its affordability enhances its availability to anyone interested in it. Elecwave is a gimbal that you cannot afford to lack as it is a critical equipment for all videographers and photographers. It has been widely used by professionals far and wide as an incredible and ideal solution to camera shakes and jitters. It absorbs all the moves and gives you a cinematic footage. This gadget has been in use for many years since it was first introduced in the market. This implies that all along the years, adjustments and advancements have been made to this gimbal to make the word class product it is today.

It is also known as the Steadicam or the stabilizer camera mount. It gives you a smooth shot when shooting in uneven surfaces and high motion is involved. The handle or the handgrip of this smartphone stabilizer is made of silica gel. This makes it comfortable when you are using the Elecwave handheld gimbal. You can, therefore, use it for a long time without suffering from fatigue and discomfort. The handgrip absorbs movement and shock to give you a smooth video at the end.

Elecwave gimbal is a 3-axis powered smartphone stabilize. It has been specifically made for nearly all smartphones and digital cameras on the market today. It can support devices that are within 4-6 inches for live streaming and photography in vertical/ upright handheld/ flashlight.

There are 2 ways of controlling this gimbal. You can use the 4-way joystick to adjust video or photo shooting, to turn the device on/off and to zoom switches on the smartphone stabilizer or you can regulate the functioning of this gimbal through a downloaded app that you will find on your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

You can conveniently operate this gimbal through the manual calibration. This is because this Elecwave gimbal supports manual gyro calibration. This is through phone screen fingering and it works efficiently.

Another great aspect of the Elecwave gimbal is that it is portable. It also offers you flexible mounting options with all the current ¼ inch mounting systems such as a slider, on-vehicle stand, crane, and tripod. At the bottom, this gimbal features a standard ¼ inch tripod mount.


  • It is portable
  • It has multiple mounting options
  • Provides multiple means of control
  • Comes with the active track technology
  • Has long lasting battery
  • Features the Bluetooth connectivity


  • Shorter battery life
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Best Stabilizer for iPhone

If you are planning to go out with your iPhone, shooting videos, there is no optical image stabilization amount will save you from bumpy and shaky shots. You should, therefore think of a perfect way to stabilize your footage and enhance your production value. Do not annoy your viewers with shaky, unprofessional footage recordings.

Regardless of your camera quality shots are bound to become trembling especially if you capture them when motion is involved. However, this should not worry you because due to tremendous technological growth, every aspect of human life has become easier including capturing videos and taking professional photographs with your iPhone.

You can achieve better quality for all your captured memories with the best iPhone stabilizer. There are a number of iPhone stabilizers that have been released on the market and it is because of their numbers that you should be keen on what you spend your money on. Since your moments with family and friends are precious, this is the reason why this part discusses the best iPhone stabilizer that you should invest in. if you are an iPhone user who has an interesting dream of creating shots and videos all the time, DJI Osmo Mobile is the best recommendable option.

DJI Osmo Mobile features a 3-axis gimbal system type. It is the best option that you can go for to ensure that you never record jumpy shots full of vibrations. You will be able to achieve videos with professional level smoothness. This iPhone stabilizer comes with great and advanced ability to track subjects. You will also gain massive control over movements.

Its key features include;

  • This gimbal supports Live Streaming abilities
  • Comes with advanced and highly detailed panoramas to instantly enhance quality of shots
  • Has Active Track technology control for targeted subjects
  • It is engineered with motion time-lapse attribute


The DJI Osmo Mobile stabilizer is compatible with iPhone 7 to iPhone SE. it is also compatible with smartphones that are between 58.6mm and 84.8 mm wide with a maximum thickness of up to 8.4m.

The quality of this iPhone stabilizer is impressive. It will give you a smooth and reliable gimbal performance. There are numerous accessories that come with the Osmo Mobile package. This saves you a lot of money. The features that come with this iPhone gimbal are interesting like Active Track and Time- Lapse adjustments among others. This is the best iPhone stabilizers for all iPhone owners. Get it today at a reasonable price and you will never regret it.

Get DJI Osmo Mobile from Amazon Now!

Best Smartphone Stabilizer with GoPro Mount

LanParte HHG-01 is a great smartphone stabilizer that features a GoPro Mount. It is a gimbal that is highly used for shooting videos with the GoPro camera. GoPro cameras are used to record crash or action videos in most cases. They are little and compact and these are the two reasons they are most suitable for the most risk situations. This includes biking, skateboarding, urban adventures, racing, skiing, mountain climbing and running. They are cameras that have reasonable and highly affordable prices, yet delivering very high-quality content.

Especially during this Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube age, GoPro cameras have really gained massive popularity. This is because everyone wants to show off their weekend and holiday adventures or even risky daredevilry encounters. If you are one of these people, you should give your viewers a stable professional and cinematic footage. Despite the high quality and performance of the GoPro cameras, when intense movements are involved, your camera alone will produce a video that is shaky, bouncy and one that is full of jitters. Keep your viewers or audience interested with a clean, fluid and high-quality video using the LanParte HHG-01 smartphone stabilizer.

Shaking is an age old filming problem that GoPros still face in spite of their innovative quality. For countless generations, since the video cameras or camcorders advent, people have assumed the fact that shaky videos emanating from shaky hands are a huge part of video capturing the experience. Many expert video shooters invest in different video editing software types in order to even out this shaking and generate a quality footage that is better. However, the modern technology has caught up with video annoyance from old age via a remedy in the form of LanParte HHG-01 camera stabilizer with GoPro Mount.

The only and the best way to achieve a cinematic footage with a GoPro camera is by investing in this smartphone stabilizer. This is because the LanParte HHG-01 smartphone gimbal is portable and small just like the GoPro cameras.

LanParte smartphone stabilizer is a great contribution to the photography and videography industry by LanParte. It has been specifically engineered to link all GoPro and smartphone types for easy to use, free flowing, smooth shots. It features a unique clamp type that can support either GoPro Hero 4 or 3 cameras. There are no complicated instructions about using this product. Right from the box, you connect your smartphone or GoPro camera and you are good to go.

Since you can be able to use just one hand with this gimbal, you get the rare chance of recording almost everything from skateboarding to bike riding. It is a 3-axis gimbal with brushless motors and an extra 6 axis inertial measurement system. It is engineered to maintain your device level all through in order to eliminate the shakes encountered when in motion.

Key features of this gimbal

  • Removable and rechargeable lithium battery as well as charger
  • There is a carrying case in the LanParte HHG-01 smartphone gimbal package. This is meant to protect your gimbal while out there eliminating the worry about your device getting damaged during transit
  • All the required accessories to keep the gimbal running are included in the package
  • There are 3 distinct clamps that you can use when shooting with your smartphone or GoPro camera

LanParte is an easy to use stabilizer. It comes at a pocket-friendly price and its silica gel handgrip is very comfortable. It will deliver a fantastic smooth footage and its battery life is just amazing. These are some of the things that you can only find in LanParte HHG-01 smartphone gimbal with GoPro Mount making it the best option for GoPro cameras.

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The Best Smartphone Stabilizer

DJI Osmo Mobile is the best recommendable option for the high quality yet affordable smartphone stabilizer. It will give you the ability to hold your smartphone during a shoot without producing shaky videos. DJI Osmo Mobile is a great remedy for capturing high-quality videos and photos with your smartphone. It has been widely used by filmmakers and photographers to generate cinematic video clips. This is why you should upgrade your production value and adopt the expert behavior of using DJI Osmo Mobile gimbal.

You get a smooth as butter footage in a form that is compact with long battery life. It is a product that is worth every dime of your hard earned money and the most amazing is that it is not the most expensive. DJI Osmo Mobile is a kit that can set the standard through which photographers and videographers can be judged. It has amazing features that make it the best gimbal for smartphones.

One of its key features is the time-lapses attribute. A time –lapse in photography is when a lengthy time period is captured then sped up to view some minutes of change in seconds. This technique is mostly used during the shooting of sunset’s awe, actions of people and weather patterns. This motion time-lapse functions really well, with this gimbal.

The price of this gimbal is worth it and the device is highly portable. It will help you capture the priceless moments of your life with its not- so –large initial investment. The best thing about this gimbal is that to independently control the camera, it uses a joystick. This implies that you can pan around and stay still without making the slightest movement. DJI Osmo Mobile is the best smartphone stabilizer that makes you a 1-man film crew with professional wow results.

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